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About MatzCatz

Our cats come from Southern Spain and have been rescued after being abandoned in a sorry state and from dangerous situations. On arrival to the UK we find the best homes possible for our gorgeous kitties, allowing them to live their best lives and bring joy to their very special adopters.

Most of our cats are awaiting their transport from Spain which we arrange regularly.

If you would like to adopt one of our kittens or cats, please look through the images below; clicking on each picture will take you to their profile.

Once your heart has been stolen by a particular cat then please complete our online adoption form on  Adopt a Cat and we will contact you to talk through the process and about the homecheck.
On successful completion of the home check, we will ask you to commit to your kitten or cat and arrangements can then be made for you to meet it (if already within the UK) or assign it to the next transport over.

If you want more information then please complete our  Contact Form

or alternatively phone Matthew’s Mobile 07380 523739